Back home we also say: Whatever is written on the forehead must be seen by the eyes. Posted by Hello


Cave Editor said...

I am just surfing blogs ... You have a wonderful blog!

الست نعامة said...

عجبتني الصور بتاعتك، انت فعلاً موهوب في التصوير.

R said...

How come we haven't discovered you before! That's an amazing blog... I always say "Set your eyes towards the infinity and put your fee in the ... " {Yeux vers l'infini.. pieds dans la merde}

الست نعامة said...

متوقف ليه يا سامر عن اضافة صور جديدة؟ اعتزلت ولاّ ايه؟

Anonymous said...


I am in the process of purchasing some of Samer's photos. R. and I love them. He is really talented.

I had to keep a low profile about Samer so R. won't get too jealous hehehee. Samer will share our wall of photos by R. :)


Anonymous said...

Bashmohandes Sameh,
Eih el5alawa di. I was just thinking about you today, and decided to google your name, and that´s where I came across your colorful blog. Thank you for your talent, I wanted to show my girlfriend some snapshots of beautiful Egypt and the people. You took her breath away, and she´s amused by your creativity.
Cheers Tamer Alexan (Vancouver)

Roba said...



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